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At the heart of it, People. Tears strengthen you just as they do muscles. FAIL does not exist in my vocabulary.
— Belinda

Belinda Au Yong (Regn ID: 1653030)

A seasoned professional in the media business, Belinda has lived the industry through the skins of a journalist, editor, copywriter, entertainment publicist and public relations practitioner. Her attention's ability to dart at alarming speed has resulted in a keenly roving eye for spotting talent and capitalising on existing resources for maximum results.

Believing that life and work can and should be guided by simplicity and a complete rejection of mediocrity, her knack for selecting human (and business) matches was methodically honed by first working with, then helming, many teams on creative projects and observing the powerful results when the right persons work on the right jobs. This artful mix of energy, talent and vision is an oft-overlooked aspect that divides success from mere execution.

I hope to bring that to you. Open success, win-win.