Before The Panel Pte Ltd

May the best match win.

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EA Licence No. 17C8734


We seek ALL good people with good time to invest in good projects that do not necessarily fall under the umbrella of professional creative services.

We find your strengths, and give you unique projects you wouldn't otherwise have sought out. You could be a professional accountant, Chemistry student, ace creative director or dancer by trade, but also have other abilities you want to use.  Or, you simply want to maximise free pockets of time.

Whether you are looking to explore and broaden your areas of expertise, or are just re-entering the workforce after a break and figuring out what to do next, there will be a place for you. And we will spot and recognise your abilities.

How We Grow Good People

There are two ways we build up this pool of Good People.


First, we draw from the trusted circle that has stood Before The Panel before - if you indicate that you're a creative freelancer willing to take on adventurous/ out of scope jobs, we'll include you in this pool.


You can also come from a non-creative background -- in which case, apply as a Good Peep and we'll be in touch.

You do not have to accept any jobs you don't want of course. Your options will just become more dynamic and fun -- you could find yourself playing backup in a band at a house party, or taking pictures for amateur competitions, the possibilities are endless!



*Peep - short form for people, also to mean a good peep into your potential